Seven-Day Size Down Program Guide

Day 1


Get focused!  This is a fast-paced program - No Slacking!


Pre-prepare your food.  A few hours of preparation can take you through the entire week.


No eating out!


Exercise! If you already exercise, increase the time and intensity.  If not, walk about 30-45 minutes daily.


Monitor how you feel when you exercise.  Know your limits.  If you feel dizzy, stop immediately.


Eat every 3 hours, starting by 7am.  No skipping meals! (5 meals/day for women / 6 meals/day for men.)

Day 2


Reduce processed carbs, fruit, juices, and fats. Only eat natural carbs like oatmeal, rice, and potatoes.


Reduce your sodium intake (in cooked foods as well as sodium-added foods.)


Drinks lots of water.  Eliminate protein bars, frozen “healthy meals,” dairy foods, and boxed food.


Increase your exercise time.  Add a few muscle-building, fat-burning exercises, such as push-ups.


Do not get on a scale!  A scale does not determine your results.


Stay motivated!  This plan has provided success to countless people for the last few decades.

Day 3


If you have to eat out, pre-order your food.  Restaurants are surprisingly accommodating.


Monitor your energy and hunger levels.  If you eat 5-6 meals per day and you are still hungry and tired, you may need more protein or more carbs in each meal.


Increase your exercise time to at least an hour.


Don’t slack off.  Stay focused on your getting lean.      

Day 4


Stay motivated!  You're half-way done!


Add fibrous vegetables back into your diet.  Increase your protein. 


Eliminate carbs from the last meal of the day only.  (This does not mean eat less food for this meal.)


Make sure your overall diet for the day is still balanced.


Increase your exercise time, intensity, and frequency.  Take a group exercise class. Push the envelope.

Day 5


Stick to your eating schedule.  Don't skip meals!  Keep your meals balanced.


Fuel your metabolism.  Do not eat less per meal.  Stick with the recommended meals.


Increase your exercise duration, intensity, and frequency.  Push yourself, but don’t overdo it.  Have fun.

Day 6


Resist the urge for a cheat meal.  You’re almost there.


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Stick with your intense exercise program.


Continue boosting your metabolism with your healthy eating. 

Day 7


Enjoy a special event to reward yourself for a job well done.


Remember - this is a short term program.  You can repeat it, but don't make it your routine.


Continue your exercise program, and incorporate it with the 21-Day Slim Down food program.


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